Beetested, videogame testing without bias

Unleash the full potential of your game with our AI based crowdtesting platform

A remote massive testing platform that provides accurate and useful information about the feel of your video game in development.
We help game developers measure and define player reactions and tell you what part of the game caused what type of reaction.

Three main parts of beetested

Feel the difference with Beetested's
AI-powered playtesting automation

Beetested allows you to track the emotions and reactions that players feel while playing the game through their faces. People's faces don't lie.

Our technology will define and measure players' reactions and engagement levels. You will receive reaction statistics for all test players and for each of them.

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"A very useful and necessary tool for any significant change."
With Beetested we were able to
  • Find out which events elicit the most response and which are weaker.
  • Define player personas.
  • Get a basic idea of the emotions and engagement during the event and see what happens between events.

Juan Pablo Guzmán Fernández

CEO at Infinite Thread

Yes you can

with your
player persona
Get feedback from players in your target audience. Wherever they are in the world.
the engagement level
of your game
Develop a game that engages by receiving clear and honest feedback.
new target
Dare to test without
a defined target and discover players who love your game.
Test earlier,
more often
and faster
Streamline testing and forget the tedious process of organising and analysing data.

How it works

You define your goals, test duration, number of testers, and facilitate access via link or build.

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Mass testing
Players have free access to the build. Their face and session will be recorded. Beetested collects, processes, analyses the data and prepares the report.

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The studio receives: report with global analysis of the reactions of the whole sample, socio-demographic information about the players, personal report of each player.

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