An improved way to playtest your game

AI powered
sentiment analysis
for actionable player insights.

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Does your game engage?

Get scientifically based data on player experience for every part of your game

Are you looking for accurate and useful feedback for your game?

Some use cases for Beetested results

Development improvement

Depending on the status of the demo, players' reactions will help you to find out:
  • Impression of game mechanics and/or cinematics.
  • Change in focus and engagement.
  • Abandonment or overplay.
  • Playfeeling during the whole game and every key part of it.

Know your audience

Define your target audience or test directly with your own community.
  • Compare engagement and emotions across different audiences.
  • Look into every single gameplay to check in-detail engagement.
  • Develop a real player-centric experience.

Publishers & investors

The best to show that your game will succeed, and that you care about developing the best experience.
  • Show-off unbiased data about engagement.
  • Build on what your audience really wants.
  • Set the focus on real data, not just opinions.

What is the process for testing with Beetested?

Set up goals and prepare your demo
Crowdtesting with your target players
Unleash the potential of your game

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Test with your team.
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Test your game with up to 3 people from your studio.

Demo duration:
20 minutes max


Try concept

Test your demo with a small group of real gamers.
Don't want to waste time? - Let's do a small test.

Test your game with up to 5 real gamers.

Demo duration:
45 minutes max

500€ plus tax


Customize the test to your needs.
If you have any custom need and think we can meet it, don't hesitate to contact us using the form above.

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Let's find out the actionable insight to improve player experience of your game!

Our methodology

1. Collect

player reactions to every event

2. Analyse

with complex ML model

3. Interpret

into actionable insights

Our technology


"everything everywhere
all at once"
We can deliver your demo to anyone, anywhere in the world and collect a great variety of inputs.


"everybody lies"
Thanks to a complex emotion recognition model and computer vision tools, we can find emotions and reactions to any of your events, mechanics, cinematics, etc. without bias.


"may the force
be with you"
Receive actionable insights about demography, events and gamers' reactions. And what does it mean.

Yes, with video of gameplay.

Yes, with demographics and game tastes segmentation.

Yes, with gamers' comments.

Our clients

Already tested

Hitori Kakurenbo Online, un juego de terror Infinite Thread Games

"A very useful and necessary tool for any significant change."

- Juan Pablo Guzmán,
CEO at Infinite Thread

Currently testing

Bloodrush, un juego de acción de FAS3 Studios
The Zebra-Man. Hotline Miami, but with zebras

There are few things that can stop you from testing with Beetested:

Critical bugs in your demo
Your game lenght is not adequate yet
Your game shouldn't provoke any emotion

At Beetested, gamers and development studios work together to take gaming experience to the next level.

Simply set your goals, prepare your demo and find out what you can learn.

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