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How does it work?

Connect your cam and mic
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What rewards can I get?

Experience (XP)

Your time, experience and the data you provide are resources that we value highly.

For every activity you perform on the platform (testing a video game, answering a survey...), you will gain experience that will help you level up among other beetesters and unlock new benefits.

You can gain experience by filling out your profile and with every game you play.


The official currency in the beetested store.

You can use your Honeycoins to buy many different rewards, such as Steam gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or even discounts for our partners' games. Sometimes you can even get access to full videogames!

The more you test games, the more XP you get, the better rewards you access to!

Testing with us

Already tested

Hitori Kakurenbo Online, un juego de terror Infinite Thread Games

Currently testing

Bloodrush, un juego de acción de FAS3 Studios
The Zebra-Man. Hotline Miami, but with zebras

Are you developing a game?


At Beetested, gamers and development studios work together to take gaming experience to the next level.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence models, we get to analyze the real reactions of every gamer to whatever it's happening in-game. Our affective computing model gives us the most reliable data about gaming experience, and we complement it with whatever you, as player, want to add for the developers.